It’s day three of the 2014 SUBTITLE European Film Festival and today also marks the arrival of the Cinemobile to the Watergate car park on Parliament Street. There, you will find a number of free screenings which you can hear about in our chat with Cinemobile’s Noreen Collins here.

So what movies can you see at SUBTITLE today? We thought you’d never ask…

Of Horses And Men

Cinemobile, 6pm, Free

Yet another offbeat quirky offering from Iceland where the horse and human share equal billing in a film which reflects our fascination and reliance on our equine cousins. Writer and director Benedikt Erlingsson uses the beautiful set of landscapes as a vast singular backdrop to contrast the quiet dignified affection of horses with the irrational, messy and inconclusive nature of human attraction. This is the sort of picture that defines a new generation of original filmmakers from Iceland.

The Great Beauty

Set Theatre, 6.30pm, €7

For anyone who loves cinema and hasn’t yet watched this picture, The Great Beauty is a definite must-see. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film last year, it is written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino and centres on contemporary Rome as seen through the eyes of ‘Jep Gambardella’, a charming, self-absorbed and ageing socialite who once wrote a successful novel in his twenties. Jep seems happy to drift contentedly towards mortality, when a chance meeting dramatically changes this mindset and reignites a passion in him to re-examine his connection with the city and to look again at the challenging issues of aging, legacy, beauty and creativity. This movie has critics comparing Sorrentino to Fellini. Come and see why.


Cinemobile, 7.45pm, Free

Another star turn from Norway’s leading actor, Aksel Hennie, in this stylish thriller from Erik Skjoldbjærg. Set in the 1980s, the discovery of huge North Sea oil deposits is the backdrop. Hennie plays Petter, an experienced deep sea diver, tasked with the dangerous work of dropping 500 meters below the surface of the sea to help navigate the laying of crucial pipe lines to extract the oil. Although Petter has the courage and skill to undertake the mission, an unexpected tragedy lands him in a murky corporate minefield where the danger to his life isn’t simply from the dive…

We Are The Best

Cleere’s, 9.15pm, €7

Swedish director Lukas Moodysson is back with a bang with his latest morality tale, We Are The Best!, a terrific feel-good film set in the 1980s. He’s assembled a brilliant cast, especially the leads, who deliver remarkable debut performances. Ignored by their parents, three kids decide to set up a punk band, despite not owning any instruments and being told that ‘punk is dead’. As with his film Together, Moodysson perfectly captures the indulgences, excitement and moral confusion that characterised the early 80s. It is a wonderful picture, unsentimental but incredibly warm – highly recommended if you missed its release earlier in the year.

Tickets & Times

The cinemobile kicks off its free screenings with The Punk Syndrome at 4pm and each feature screening will be preceeded by a short film as part of the North by Northwest – Films On The Fringe programme.

The cinemobile screenings are free but tickets in advance are required and are available via or the festival box office on John Street.