It’s the first day of SUBTITLE for 2014 and there’s three movies that can be caught today between Set Theatre and Cleere’s. Here’s a look at what’s showing for SUBTITLE Day 1.

Two Days, One Night

Set Theatre, 7pm

Belgium’s most celebrated filmmakers Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne unite with France’s biggest film star, Marion Cotillard, in this exceptionally powerful drama. Cotillard plays a worker who faces the axe from her job so that her colleagues can benefit from the extra savings and she has precisely two days to change their minds. But of course, as with all the best dramas, there are stark, difficult and morally complex choices at play as the film plays out its dilemmas with all the intensity of a modern day thriller. Cotillard is on record as saying how much she wanted to work with the Dardenne brothers and she has responded in some style with an extraordinary performance in the central role of Sandra.


Cleere’s, 7.15pm

Nokas is a riveting heist movie, based around Norway’s most spectacular bank robbery in the coastal town of Stavanger in 2004. Played with such naturalistic precision by the actors, the picture captures the audience almost like a documentary. Part of this is down to the script, which avoids ‘interpretation’ and sticks with the facts as thrown up by a huge national investigation; it also benefits from the approach of director Erik Skjoldbjærg (who wrote and directed the original Insomnia with Stellan Skarsgaard) as he knits together the four key perspectives: robbers, police, bank employees and the public. This is unlike the Hollywood flashy heist movies, and all the better for it.


Cleere’s, 9.15pm

The most watched film in Denmark in 2010 with close to one million admissions, the Danes refer to the humour in Klown as ‘uncomfortable’, whereas the more popular description would be ‘offensive’, ‘politically incorrect’, ‘gross’ or ‘badass’. Take your pick. It is however, very funny and not surprisingly has been bought by multiple territories for re-make. Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen’s comic talents are on full glorious display in this picture, which chases down taboo after taboo. The basic plot revolves around Frank grudgingly taking his young, shy nephew on a canoeing trip to prove to his girlfriend that he can be a responsible dad. The series of disasters that follow are superbly scripted and realised with excellent production values — all that you would expect from a Zentropa-produced film. Badass funny.

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