Kilkenny’s Peter Lawlor, better known on the music scene as producer REPLETE has closed out 2014 with a serious bang in the shape of No Soul, his second release on Belfast’s Champion Sound Recordings as a two-track EP absolutely designed for the dance floor.

It’s safe to skip to the end and hit play on this one and let the music speak for itself, but when the record label describe the vocals for No Soul as “Barry White on acid”, they’re not far off. For the electronica-inclined, this is very much music to soothe the savage soul.

No Soul (3am Edit) is a four to the floor groover with swirling pads, pounding 808 kicks plus a beyond catchy vocal loop, like Barry White on Acid, and just wait until you hear the strings come in in the latter half.

The second track Excess brings you gently back down to earth before lifting you all the way back up again in a labyrinth of intricate melody and soulful funk- laden basslines. These two tracks are essential piece of kit for any DJ that wants to have their audience under the spell of the groove shaman himself.

Juno Download gave a shining review:

“There’s a gentle positivity to opener “No Soul (3am Mix)”, which expertly combines soulful vocal samples, tactile organ chords, sun-kissed electronics and gentle disco strings. Even more impressive is virtual flipside “Excess”, which works wonders with a sparse election of elements, namely a loose, African-influenced groove, heavy analogue-sounding bass, and some occasional pads and melodies. The track’s stripped-back nature is its real calling card; it sounds like the kind of heads-down affair that will work wonders at 4am.”