The SUBTITLE European Film Festival is in full swing having kicked off on Monday night. One of the highlights this year is the Cinemobile’s North by North West strand which is offering FREE screenings on Wednesday a number of movies and shorts.

Three screenings are on offer at the Subtitle European Film Festival: From Finland they’ll be screening The Punk Syndrome preceded by the Finnish short Do I have to Take Care of Everything; the Icelandic Of Horses and Men, preceded by the short Whale Valley; and the Norway choice of film is Pioneer.

We spoke to Cinemobile manager Noreen Collins to find out about the work they do year round and what exactly is happening when a truck pulls into Kilkenny and is transformed into a fully heated and air-conditioned cinema.

Tickets are needed for the Cinemobile – despite the screenings being free – but you can pick them up at the festival box office on John Strreet or via For more on Cinemobile check out

Here’s a look at what’s happening inside the mobile cinema tomorrow too!

The Punk Syndrome

Of Horses And Men