Smithwick's Experience Kilkenny

Smithwick's Experience Kilkenny

44 Parliament Street, Kilkenny, Ireland

That pint of Smithwick's didn't come easy. This is a beer forged in adversity, after all. It arrived in your glass by way of a darkened medieval abbey, a reprehensible royal, heinous laws, two world wars, two fat turkeys and... well, we could go on. But wouldn't it be more exciting if you could experience it all for yourself? Well, at the Smithwick's Experience Kilkenny you can.

Meet the ale that has taken centuries of turbulent times on the chin and survived against the odds. Brewed using the finest ingredients and centuries of experience, Smithwick's, with its rich ruby glow and creamy head, is the perfect marriage of innovation and tradition. And the taste? Hints of caramel and biscuit, a tingle of orange marmalade and a finish so crisp you could snap it in two.

This multi-sensory and interactive experience will take visitors on a journey through the medieval origins of brewing on the site of the St. Francis Abbey Brewery to the arrival of John Smithwick in the 1700’s, and right up to the present day. Visitors will be fully immersed in the history of Smithwick’s, Ireland’s oldest beer brand, the amazing heritage of the Smithwick’s family and its place in Kilkenny, a city steeped in history and brewing.

The tour includes a life-size holographic monk and living portraits of the Smithwick’s family members.  During the tour, the Smithwick’s brewing process will be brought to life with visitors having the opportunity to experience the smells, tastes and textures of the raw materials involved in creating the perfect pint of ale.

French, German, Spanish and Italian speaking visitors will be offered an audio guide to take them through the tour, which lasts approximately 70 minutes.

Tickets and Pricing

  • Adult admission - €12.00
  • Seniors and students over 18 - €9.50
  • Students under 18 - €7.00
  • Family tickets - €28.00 (2 adults & up to 3 children)
  • 10% discount available on adult admissions for visitors who pre-purchase their tickets on
  • Smithwick’s Experience Kilkenny will be open from 10am-6pm daily
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