Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Hermitage Green

Hermitage Green teamed up with The Voice Squad in Kilkenny Castle this week for an RTE Christmas Special.
Paul Noonan's Printer Clips hits Set Theatre on 4 December with Gemma Hayes in tow.

Bell X1's Paul Noonan brings Printer Clips to Kilkenny and Set Theatre on 4 December. Take a look and listen now.
Join Me In The Pines

Having released debut album INHERIT, Join Me In The Pines hit Cleere's tonight for what should be a special show marking their album release.
Calexico will enjoy playing to a packed house at Set Theatre on Sunday 3 May as part of the 2015 Kilkenny Roots Festival.

Records continue to be broken for the Kilkenny Roots Festival - six months out shows ticket demand at a peak for Calexico.
Fight Like Apes at the FMC Tour night in Set Theatre, Kilkenny, Friday 14 November. Photo: Ken McGuire/SoKilkenny.com

The FMC tour hit Set Theatre on Friday night and we were there to soak up four of the country's top alternative acts.
Cale Tyson, performing at next year's Kilkenny Roots Festival

Kilkenny gets another taste of Nashville next May with Cale Tyson confirmed for the 2015 Kilkenny Roots Festival.
Calexico are returning to Kilkenny in 2015 to headline the Kilkenny Roots Festival.

Calexico have been announced as headliners for the 2015 Kilkenny Roots Festival and to be honest, it can't come soon enough!
Phil Coulter, performs at Langton's Ballroom on Friday 14 November

Phil Coulter, along with special guest & wife Geraldine Branagan promise an evening of unforgettable music in Kilkenny this Friday.
Fight Like Apes

Fight Like Apes, Kid Karate and Sleep Thieves are set to rock Kilkenny on Friday 14 November.
Duke Special

Duke Special returns to touring in early 2015, landing in Set Theatre next February.